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...As he opened his eyes and looked towards the window he remembered the visitor who had called the day before. Little did his guest know that the bad news she was giving, was in itself very good news to him. Sitting up he recalled the conversation which filled him with a hope that he had scarcely dared to let himself hope before. Lady Catherine had indeed done him a favour yesterday afternoon. He recalled the event with a smile on his face...

Clouds Will Intervene, chapter 1


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The Ice House
[WIP - Modern/R]

The Corruption of Hallows Eve
[Short Story - PG]

Seven Days
[Completed - Regency/R]

... When Darcy returns to Hertfordshire after the summer meeting at Pemberley, he is shocked to find that George Wickham has beaten him once again. A few months later, Elizabeth turns up on his doorstep with a horrible story. Can he save her from such a fate? ...

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The Betrayal
[Novella - completed/R]

As he stood in the sitting room, the love of his life was before him. So many things had happened since he first met her and this moment was the culmination of three years. This was the most feared event, yet it happened all the same. All they could do was stare at each other, neither daring to move. This is why...

Clouds Will Intervene
[Completed - R]

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